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People often ask what is the difference between a Plumber and a plumbing contractor? Plumbers fix broken pipes, toilets, and sinks, while a plumbing contractor deals almost exclusively with new construction, remodel and renovation, and handles plumbing tasks that involve water supply, septic systems, and so on. Also, a plumbing contractor has additional training, licenses and generally works in an expanded capacity.

Plumbers generally may not have the experience, depth of knowledge, or licenses required for new construction, remodeling and renovation, and advanced plumbing needs.

What Can a Plumbing Contractor Do?

Besides everything a plumber in addition to doing more complex tasks than a plumber, as well as the repairs listed above.

They can construct or renovate a home's waste disposal system

When people think about plumbing they think of water pipes. But a plumbing contractor can install gas connections and flues and water heaters (including gas, electric, or tankless)

This can include the installation of gas control valves, backflow prevention, water conditioning and softening equipment, and other appliances connected to the home's water or natural gas systems

It is important to consult a plumbing contractor during a home's planning stages; they can make sure new construction or renovation is in compliance with local, and federal building codes (and that commercial plumbing complies with all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

A plumbing contractor can also provide a final inspection of plumbing work, either new construction or renovation.

Yard line and water leak repair

Slab leaks and gas leaks

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