Modern roofing and decoration of chimneys. Flexible bitumen or slate shingles. The absence of corrosion and condensation due to the flexible roof
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Renovations & Remodeling

Starting a renovation or remodel should start with someone you can trust to listen and do it right.  Whether you want to just make it new again, or change it all we can make it happen. Our computer design services will help you know what it looks like before we start. So whether it is just updating, modernizing, or redesigning you can trust us to make it just how you want it. 

Renovation vs. Remodeling
Typically a renovation is less expensive and less complex of a job. Renovations usually are about updating, restoring, and rehabbing an existing space, home or room. While a Remodel involves redesign, change in style, and at times even the floor plan.

Traditional Floor Plan vs. the Open Floor Plan
Home styles are ever-changing and today many people are looking to move to a more open floor plan. This often requires removing walls and opening up space. Less formal, and a more open flowing floor plan. This creates a more casual open environment.

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